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Auto Zone doesn't care about thier customers. They gave my wife the wrong spark plugs.

My wife got them installed and her Envoy runs bad and gets poor gas mileage. The manger of the Auto Zone store said she needed the plugs back with the boxes (which were thrown away) or I have to buy new ones ($35.00) and pay to get them changed again. She also said I would have to put on a claim and maybe get some money back. I am in the military and only her for a week and this claim will take weeks.

I cannot take a chance that they will take advantage of my wife again. I will never spend a cent in an Auto Zone again.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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same thing happened to me...


Autozone sold me the wrong brake part today (January 14, 2016). Nothing has changed, nor will it.

AZ is poorly run from the top down. The guys behind the counter are paid diddly squat and poorly trained. The upper management is the real problem. They don't care.

Vote with your dollars and shop elsewhere are my thoughts on the matter. I will do just that.

I buy a lot of auto parts because I am responsible for a fleet of cars/trucks. Vote with your dollars and tell others of your experience, as will I...


I have a check engine light on a 2005 Honda Civic EX. I get the code read at my local Autozone, on Touhy near Western (for people in Chicago, that's Rogers Park).

They read the code as P0134, which means I needed to replace the A/F Sensor 1 (pre-catalytic converter). So they sell me what their system says is sensor 1, which is actually an oxygen sensor that goes on the catalytic converter. After some research online on how to replace sensor 1 and realizing they gave me the wrong part, I head back to the store to explain. This time I speak to a grey shirt, a member or manager, and he insists that they system lists the sensors in order, and that sensor 1 (O2 sensor) is on or after the catalytic converter and sensor 2 (A/F sensor) is near the engine block, before the catalytic converter.

After a few minutes of simple research online, and asking my brother who is ASE certified and works at a different Autozone in Arkansas, it was pretty simple that in ALL cars, sensors listed as 1 are upstream (closer to engine) and sensors listed as 2 are downstream (further along in the exhaust). They refused to admit they sold me the wrong part and continued to insist that sensor 1 was an oxygen sensor and not an A/F sensor, like the error cold said. This is not an issue with Autozone, per se, but with poorly trained or lack of knowledge and poor customer service from the staff. I am going to another location and making sure to contact the DM.

My brother goes to show that it's not Autozone that sells you the wrong part, it's the poorly trained staff you might encounter who are trained for using their computer systems but are not knowledgeable of actual real world issues. There is no engine out there that I know of that doesn't follow the simple logic of numbering air and/or fuel sensors by their placement in the stream.

Very frustrating but glad I was able to discover their mistake. Maybe they'll learn from it.


I have a 2002 ford ranger that started to misfire, so I decided to go to autozone for new plugs and wires. I did one plug at a time starting with cylinder 1.

I would remove the first and then put it in my toolbox before cracking the box of the new plug. After removing the new plug from the box I gapped it and then installed it. I did that one after another until all 6 were in. Long story short autozone sold me the wrong size plugs and now my truck engine has lost compression because the plugs were too long and actually broke off the tips of the plugs into my cylinders.

The broke tips scored the inside of my cylinders and now I need a new engine. Am I to blame for this or should a store like autozone be reliable for this absolute disaster?


I had a similar problem this week. I went to auto zone and ordered a front passenger side brake caliper for a 2005 Chrysler 300C.

I received the brake caliper, and installed it in my vehicle. However, when I tried to bleed the brake lines, I could not get a firm brake pedal. Upon further examination I found that Auto Zone sold me a brake caliper that was intended for the the driver side. Look it up for yourself.

Auto Zone sells part number C703 to all customers asking for a front passenger side brake caliper for the 2005 Chrysler 300C. C703 should be installed on the front driver side. They sell C702 to all customers asking for a front driver side brake caliper. C702 should be installed on the front passenger side.

I wonder how many people out there have had this same problem. Hopefully everyone caught Auto Zone's mistake before they put their vehicle back on the road. How long will it take Auto Zone to correct their computer system on which they rely so heavily on? Proper brake components are critical to safe operation of a automobile.

I will never trust Auto Zone again. I value the life of my family, and others who share the road, too much to ever buy another part from Auto Zone!


Dude, if it's a Chevy you need to put the $7 AC Delco plugs in it or it won't run right.

P.S. Let the mechanic or another man handle your wife's car.



Auto Zone has always treated me nice. But if I screwed up, I have never asked them for a refund. Did you want them to give you your money back without a return, maybe pay for your labor too?

Whomever put them it should have recognized that they were the wrong ones, and told her then. But I don't know of too many shops that will put in customer plugs and do any warranty too. Now you are in a mess.

It would have been easier to simply let whoever is doing the work buy the parts, then THEY are reponsible for the installation and the parts if it is wrong.

You wife chose to buy the parts, unfortunately the buyer is responsible for the problem.

Same in any business. Bring in a patty of meat at a restaurant, and then complain the next day of the food being bad, see what happens!

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