Riverview, Florida
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Making a purchase at the Auto Zone on Big Bend Rd in Riverview Florida. Ask for the Military discount and was told very rudely and disrespectfuly that we only give discounts to active duty military.

I am retired from the Air Force with 24yrs of service. I didn't have to be treated that way, or talked to that way.

Pep Boys, and Advance Auto both give discounts to Active, Reserve, Guard and Retired service members. I will never go to auto zone again, and ask all my brothers and sisters in the Arm Forces to BOYCOTT Auto Zone and go to the friendly auto stores instead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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AutoZone does offer military discounts whether you are active, retired or Reserve. Some new guys just dont know it, just ask another rep for the discount,


I live in Ocoee Florida I get military discount and I've been retired since 07


Military discounts are privileges, not rights. A company does not have to even bother offering this.

If a company does chose to offer a discount, they have the right to restrict it to only those on active duty - probably because they need to verify a current valid ID. Thank you for your service, but please understand that businesses don't care about vets because they don't have to. Just because you contracted years of your life away to the government doesn't mean the rest of the USA is gonna kiss your feet constantly. Civilians are a lot more skeptical about the military and the people it employs.

It's not like this is WWII when real men were fighting a real war and serving was not a choice. Now, the military like a garbage bin of people who are too *** to succeed at anything or hold any job and their parents want them to move out of the basement and get some structure. 'Merica hothead hicks who sign up, excited about killing poor 3rd worlders yet cannot find the country they are stationed in on a map. The military is a joke of what it once was and people see that.

Plus, there are a lot of "military" types that masquerade like they served but never made it past boot camp and were dishonorably discharged. It's not like you were drafted. You chose to go into the military, and it gave you your identity and livelihood.

Beyond that, what more do you really deserve? You guys get paid quite well and get so many perks in other ways (free college after, healthcare for life, room and board while serving, preferences in hiring, etc), do you really have to have that 15% off discount everywhere you go?


Sounds like they don't care or need our business. They lost me as a customer. Another AF Retiree.

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