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I bought 2 ball joints the value craft for a 94 cutlass supreme and rode on them for about a week and then the screws started to strip out which I replace them once before and then it started it again causing the front wheel to fall off on the expressway. I replaced the screws again and the bolts never held up again causing me to go buy some more and having Merlins Mufflers replaced them and the ball joints are only 4 months old I'm done buying parts from Auto zone and the Management team sucks over in the Hazel Crest store they don't know anything about cars for nothing. Don't appreciate having employees in the work place that don't know nothing about cars telling people about parts that they don't even know about them

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Buying Value craft was your first mistake.


Who said if the customer do not want there az card why cant some else get it if it's ok with them there have the right to give it away ans who said your kids cant have a card


Valuecraft is the cheap ***, it usually only has a 90 day warranty.


Or maybe it's not the ball joints that's bad. Maybe it's that big ugly blob on your shoulder.

So because you have a *** car, something goes wrong, you IMMEDIATELY blame Auto Zone? Wow.....


The screws stripped out? You either have no idea what a ball joint is, or you don't understand the very simple concept of cross threading.

If you can't manage a simple automotive repair on your own, pay a mechanic who does. There's nothing wrong with AutoZone's ball joints.


Quit trying to buy the cheapest parts possible for your car,, they have better parts, perhaps if you quit trying to buy the 7$ part you will be able to do the job once!,,


You must be an autozone employee or else you would know they use cheap Chinese parts so you can suck a big grey shirt *** ***

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