Havre De Grace, Maryland

AutoZone , normally puts OIL & Filter on Sale, and I buy much oil & filter to change them in our FOUR Cars, I normally return my USED oil at the Aberdeen, MD store on HWY 40. The complaint is, the store does not take the waste oil, excuse is , the barrel is full , me and my ARMY do a lot of business with AUTO ZONE and have to keep the oil a long time before returning it , and still the waste oil Barrels are full at Auto Zone, when ever you ask an Auto Zone Clerk to return the waste oil.

AutoZone should do a better job of getting the Waste Oil Barrels emptied.

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our AZ just went thru a few months of not getting the oil tank emptied weekly, maybe once every 3 weeks at best... then 3 days later it was full again for a few more weeks...

& we kept calling it in repeatedly until we were blue in the face, to no avail. it was no picnic for us either.

too bad the customers seem to think we're the only place in town that takes it, when in fact there are several other locations within a mile or so... one of them, an oil change place, is just across the street, but all the customers acted shocked whenever I mentioned it.


first it can be emptied early with a single phone call but usually its just a day or two early, second why not ask what day it gets emptied and come in the following day? or do you only wish to dispose of your oil at your convenience


Your an ***. Just another person complaining about a free service get rid of it yourself.


Another *** complaining about a FREE SERVICE...


it to O'reilly Auto Parts next time "their barrel is full" :)


The store has no control over when the used oil container is emptied. Those containers are emptied by a special truck whose schedule is set by Corporate.

If you want them to empty it sooner then you must call a District or Regional manager and complain.

It unlikely they will change the schedule to make just a few people happy since it is very expensive to do so. Try recycling your oil with the City they have programs set up to accept such waste.

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