Livonia, Michigan

I purchased a battery from Auto-Zone in November for an Escort. After I had another issue with the escort I donated it to charity in December hence removing my battery I just purchased that was working fine.

I put the battery on my garage shelf until the 10th of February. The battery sat for about 6 weeks. I took the battery into the store while getting some other parts for my van just to make sure everything was good to see if needed a charge or not. The first guy an older gentleman told me that the charger could tell me in 5 min if it needed a charged.

He said it did and the charge would take about 30 min. So since that store didn't have my part I let him charge it and I ran to another store. When I returned to the store I was in line waiting to ask them to check on the battery. While in line the entire store hurt a loud winding sound and a loud POP.

I noticed it was where he took my battery so I asked the young lady over there after she screamed was that a battery popping and she said no.

The manager of the store then goes over there to investigate and all you hear in the back is commotion. The girl asking the manager who put that there like that and the manager talking about I dont know. So then I get to the front of the line and ask the guy about my battery, the same one that charged it.

He walks down and the manager brings my battery out partially melted. He tells me that my battery was bad and wouldn't take a charge and messed up his machine. Now the gentleman that put the battery on their for a charge said that if the battery won't take a charge or if its bad the machine will just cut off. So how in the *** can a battery mess up the battery charging machine in Auto Zone.

So instead of replacing my new battery in the store he wants me to purchase a new battery. So as you know that resulted in harsh words at that point. He never replaced my battery and I wrote a letter in to Auto Zone and the response I got was a 2 paragraph worded "kick rocks".

Needless to say I will never shop in any Auto Zone. If customer service is not your priority for the public you should close down just like all these other businesses with better service had to because of the economy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

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Dude, it was the charger that malfuntioned. I've worked with them for a long time.

When they malfunction sometimes they overcharge. They should have honerd the warranty. It doesn't come out of their pockets so I have no clue why they want to tell the customer "no" sometimes.

As if it helps them in some way. :upset


I smell something stinky...

I have never had Auto zone fail to warrany a battery or anything else.

Unless someone is trying to pull a slick one, all they need to warranty a battery is the receipt and the bad battery.

Well, you had the battery, did you have the receipt proving you were the purchaser, and bought it?

Or did you want to cash it in since you were so cheap you donated your car and took the battery out of it before you donated it. WOW, you are really thoughtful!

I bet that charity really appreciated your generosity donating a car that is missing parts. Bet you syphoned out all the gas, too, and left the trash in it.

Hmmmm... I think you got your refund after all...

Didn't think so.


well i dont, know who to believe but it autozone melted the battery, they should replace it i know our store would have :cry


Get over yourself

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