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So I drive up to Auto Zone with my 10 year old in the car to pick up some wipers. there isn't any space to park thanks to the "mechanics" working on the back part of the lot.

when I finally find a spot, 2 guys walk up to me offering their services. ( I'm only here for wipers) they want to check the tires and the brakes and open the hood. i tell them that i dont need any of that. as i'm walking away, they tell me that it is dangerous to park my car there.

I didn;t pay too much mind to it. as i'm coming back out from the store after buying wipers, i see this one guy urinating on my car. I chased him off. he was one of the many "mechanics" i spoke to the manager after that and questioned him why are there people that dont belong in the back working on cars.

they are creating a hostile environment for costumers to not want to come in the store. he simply said he cant do anything about it. he said that it is out of his hands. So i called the cops, they tell me that they would send someone out.......

still waiting.... nobody ever came. As of today, i am no longer an Auto Zone costumer. I used to come in for everything that my cars needed.

i have 6 cars in my household and all of them have gotten parts and accessories from auto zone. They know i'm on record. every time I would go and look up a warranty part, my name comes up like 10 times for different vehicles. they sometimes ask me if i'm a mechanic and i am not.

But as of today, I will no longer shop at this store... They have no care for costumers. for a 10 year old to have to witness this...

i'm really disgusted.... BTW I wrote to autozone and all i got back was " thank you for your complaint, we have forwarded the issue to the regional manager" .....

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

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the last sentence should have read "your 10 year old DID NOT need to see that" sorry for the typo


Please contact me at I promise I will look into the incident, we have policies about mechanics working on our lots. You are correct your 10 year old needed to see it or anyone else for that matter.


what is your policy about people working in the parking lots of your autozones?

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