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On Saturday, September 29 at approximatelky 2:00 PM my daughter, JH, visited the Corvallis Auto Zone to buy a phone car charger. At the same time, she asked an employee, identified as "xxx", to give her advice on auto body repair shops in the area becasue the previous evening a car had bumped her black 2012 Mazda MX3 and left white paint on the bumper. Your employee proceeded to ask her if she had been drinking the night before and did not remeber doing this and if she was sure of when it happened.

How, in any way, is that an acceptable question to ask a customer? That is one of the least professional and embarassing questions I could think of for that employee to ask.

When I called to complain to the manager, XXX, he said he was not sure of the context of the question and thought it could have been a "joke". The context and whether it was a "joke" is IRRELEVANT!

If that is the type of interaction that Auto Zone condones in its employees, I am extremely glad that I will never shop again at Auto Zone, and I hope that all I talk to and those who read the Twitter messqages I send about this never shop there also.

Alan Hirschmugl


Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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porterville ca autozone west henderson ave sucks ...managers workers all thieves , and disrespectful to custumers , an they keep getn away with thousands


autozone suks


Send a message to Autozone on their website www.autozone.com. I had a problem with an Autozone product put in by a local repair shop, contacted Autozone on the website, received an email that day from Corporate Headquarters, was put in touch with a District Manager, and the problem was resolved the next day. :)


So by your comment of "I am glad I will never shop at Autozone again" your going to not go to any of their stores because of one employee. Thats like saying my pizza was delivered late one time so I will never use Pizza Hut again.

One experience should not turn you off to all of the stores. there are plenty of good employees at all stores.


Lighten up Francis...

It probably was a joke... Not professional? Perhaps, but if the employee knew you & your daughter had no sense of humor, he would have apologized immediately. You honestly think that was a serious question? WOW!

As far as the other question about the body shop...just because the guy works at an auto parts store, it doesn't make him clairvoyant on all things auto. I mean, that's the equivalent of expecting the checker at the grocery store to be a restaurant critic.

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