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My friend and I just moved to Arizona. The AC in her car wasn't getting as cold as it used to, so we stopped by auto zone to buy some freon.

When we got there the gentleman helping us recommended "AC Pro", the most expensive freon in the store. We asked him about the other less expensive ones and he told us AC Pro was our best bet. We figured the dude knew what he was talking about. We asked for advice on how to install it and he said he could walk us through it.

He comes outside and starts installing it himself and pretty much puts the whole bottle in my friends little mazda 3. Before he even removed the hose from the AC component the car starts making a clunking sound. We asked him what it was and he just kinda started going in and out of the store various times leaving us out in the car. He brings out a screwdriver and applies pressure on the AC component to release freon into the air because he seemed to have over filled it.

He told us we should be fine. The second we pull away from the store the car starts jumping and having a very hard time shifting. It began stalling!! its an automatic!!!

We made it up the road to Fletchers and had them take a look at it in which they replied this particular AC Pro causes these problems, because the sealant in it clogs the component. They told us it was going to be $1400 to fix. So we just bought freon for $50 to completely ruin the AC unit to the point that we cant even turn it on and cause $1400 in damages? I was FURIOUS.

I went back to auto zone and told the gentleman that helped me earlier he just ruined the entire AC unit and its going to cost $1400 to fix. At this point he starts getting a nasty attitude with me and saying the car must have been broken from before when i literally have written documentation from Fletchers that says it was in fact the AC Pro that clogged the component. There is nothing else wrong with the vehicle. It was driving perfectly fine before we entered Auto zone.

The problem only occurs when we turn the AC on. He then started threatening me if i didn't lower my voice he wouldn't give me my $50 back for the freon that ruined the car. I asked to speak to the manager and he rudely replied that he was the manager. I highly doubt that because managers wouldn't speak to a customer like that.

He refused to admit fault and began ARGUING with me trying to come up with different excuses like the problem was from before, or that he uses it on his own car so how could it ruin our car. If he hadn't told us that was the one that we needed, and that was the best one (he practically shoved it in our hands) we wouldn't have bought it. I told him what the guys at Fletchers told me and he tried to tell me I was wrong. I know he knew he messed up when the car started making a clunking noise while he was filling it, he began going in and out of the store probably telling his coworkers he just ruined our car and asking what to do about it.

For someone claiming to be the manager of an AUTO store, I thought that I can ask for advice on what product to buy for my car to IMPROVE the quality of the AC, not completely ruin it to the point where I can't turn the AC on or the car will stall and shut off. Its summer in Arizona, we just moved here from a northern state and its about to be 100+ degrees. The guys at Fletchers said they've been trying to get this product off the shelves and its the worst possible freon to buy. I can't believe the audacity of this guy.

I'm flabbergasted that someone (who claims to be the manager of an AUTO store) can cause $1400 in damages and then refuse to admit fault and get nasty with me when I tried to complain and even threaten to not return the $50 product that caused the damages. I will be filing a small claim and I have emailed customer service and called and left a message (still waiting to hear back) Autozone sucks and their going to pay for the damages they caused.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: I want Auto Zone to pay the cost of the damages their employee caused.

AutoZone Cons: Service.

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There really is no way that adding freon to your AC can make your car run bad. You're an ***.


you're an idiot. Obviously his compressor was locking up from the Freon.

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