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I purchased a 84-month Auto Zone battery in Aug. 2009 for $89.99.

Last night (Feb 8, 2012) I took it to the store in Houston where I purchased it where it checked out as a bad battery. Since it was beyond the 2-yr free replacement period, I had to pay a prorated amount for the replacement which was OK since that was spelled out the original warranty terms. However, I was surprised when the clerk rang up the sale based on the new battery price of $105 rather than the original price of $89. The warranty clearly states that the prorated price shall be calculated on the basis of the "original" price and not the new price.

I showed the manager the warranty details and yet they would not adjust the price. They argued vigorously that battery prices do go up and it they cannot do anything about it. Sounds like a clear case of breach of contract and a violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. I wonder how many people have never bothered to check or challenge the higher price resulting from this faulty calculation that appears to be an intentional effort by Auto Zone to gouge their customers.

Texas attorneys, this represents a good class action lawsuit for all of us defrauded customers. Sue the heck out of this company and teach them a lesson. Texas Attorney General, take note and protect the citizens of Texas from this scam.

A little bit of overcharge from a lot of people adds up to a lot of illgotten profits for this company. Their batteries are also not that good and an 84-month warranty is laughable!

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I bought an 84 month battery from autozone three years ago and it when dead yesterday. Can't understand why a 7 year battery only lasts three years.

Would appreciate some insight.


The OP is confusing the credit to be applied and the price of the replacement battery. The pro-rated warranty clearly refers to the calculation of CREDIT to be applied.

It does NOT refer to the price of the new battery. As much as I'd like to get a new battery at old prices, that's just not the case.


i work for autozone myself...the batteries are junk and the warranties are only getting shorter and shorter...the top of the line battery are the only ones with a prorate and its only a 3 year free replacement 2 year prorate as apposed to the 3 year free replacement 5 year prorate when i started...in my opinion i would just go to the dealer...sure its pricey, but ive never had a dealer battery go out on me in a 5 year period


if you read the entire warranty, it does not say that it will replace the battery for the prorated amount. most warranties are clearly written that they will either refund the prorated amount, or more common, apply the prorated amount towards the "purchase of a new" battery.

so the prorated amount to be applied/refunded is correctly calculated on the original price (not including core). and then you can use that credit on the purchase of a new battery (current price). not rocket science.

all warranties and insurance favor the company, in this case, the battery manufacturer, not autozone. i do not work in the industry, just an educated consumer...i just went through this process with advance auto and then even allowed the credit to be applied towards the discounted online price, not the retail price, which is what you get for most warranties.


You're pissed because they did exactly what the warranty said they would do? How is that breaking the law?

AZ's batteries are consistently the highly rated as to their quality and longevity in consumer reports.

Buy a cheap Walmart battery next time. we replace those all the time at my shop after only lasting two years.


autozone needs more people like you alex i wish you were in nc


This is an issue I have noticed myself working at AutoZone. Our computer system, if used properly, IN THE PAST adjusted the current price of the battery back to what it was when originally purchased for a pro rated battery return, at my current location however, it no longer seems to do this.

At my store I have been instructed by my boss, and I agree with him fully, to manually adjust the price of the new battery back to what was initially paid for it, as this seems to be in line with what the warranty offers, and what seems fair to the customer. I will continue to do this until instructed by a superior employee not too. I cannot speak for what official policy is on this matter, so I just stick to how the warranty is supposed to operate based on how I sold it to customers in the past, and more importantly, on a person by person basis of customer service. A clueless employee can only follow the computer system, especially entry level employees who have limited tools available to them for things like warranties and price adjustments.

So please don't blame them, they're just doing their job. For this type of issue, appeal to higher management in a polite fashion, and they will fix you right up.


We take care of our customers.


For one, do you understand what prorate means? You received money back on a battery based on the warranty and the time period in which you had it.

That is what what the warranty states will happen. It says nothing about the price of a new battery.


The warranty clearly states that the prorated price shall be calculated on the basis of the "original" price and not the new price.

And the customer pays the prorated amount.


Lead recycling fees increase by 15% each year. Since 2008 the average battery has gone from an average of 65$ to 100$. Any company not limiting Warranty terms is asking to take a loss.


Yes it is calculated from the original price, your just mad because batteries are so high now. The amount you got back was based on the cost of the battery when you bought it.

Then that is applied to the current price of the battery. Prorated batteries are awesome because you dont have to pay the full price and your warrenty starts all over


What do you think "prorated" means? Of course you aren't going to get a price lock for seven years on a battery.

There is even a formula on the bottom of the receipt that tells you what you would get back if you buy a new one.

Sheesh! Sue yourself for being unreasonable.


"prorated price shall be calculated on the basis of the "original" price and not the new price." That explains it right there :) The prorated amount of money you got from the battery was based on the original price. That has nothing to do with the new battery you are getting. They could have just given you the prorated amount back in cash.


That's how its been for the 40 years I've been in tires and batteries (not that I agree with it, but its just how it is) No matter what you paid for the battery, the adjustment per-month pro-rata service charge is based on a "national list price", which is set by the manufacturer. This is to ensure (A) no matter where you go for warrantee service, you will be charged the same dollar amount, and (B) obviously, to minimize the dollar loss to the manufacturer.

The 'national list price" is almost always some vastly over-inflated figure.

BTW, the reseller is paid to service fee for handling the warrantee. It's not really Auto Zones fault...their just following the manufacturers warranty rules and procedures.

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