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I have an Astro van and my fuel pump went out one year ago,I have five days left on the warranty on the fuel pump and low and behold its about to go out again (that a definite) now my complaint is that I paid a mechanic $100 to install it and now I am going to have to pay that again, these are very inferior parts if all you can get is one year out of them - considering that the original lasted ten years, Iam stuck with installing another one of these cheap pumps because I cant afford to drop the $300 it cost to get a good one, ifthis one out lasts warranty its "good bye Auto Zone"

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If you had paid the mechanic to provide the pump for you, it would be on him to replace it free of charge. You saved some money up front, and lost it down the road. Don't buy parts from any parts store unless you can install them yourself, pay the mechanic to handle everything.

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