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In reference to 8:35pm on May 27th, 2008 at location Auto Zone #222 in Kissimmee, FL

I was with my brother-in law and family. We were having car trouble and wanted to see if we could have a scan done on the vehicle's computer. My family waited out in the vehicle, while my brother-in law entered the Auto-Zone. A store associate was helping other customers at the front desk. We approached an employee, a gentleman who was fixing something on a shelf. My brother-in law asked him for assistance and he did not respond at first.

Again, my brother in law said "Excuse me. We would like a computer check of our car" and the gentleman said "I said OK.." and walked off toward the back. As he walked away he rolled his eyes and mumbled "...mother f***er.." and something else. He did not know I heard this. I informed my brother in law about his comment and we promptly exited.

I returned to the store quickly to obtain the gentleman’s name and it was

“Jon Hart II, assistant manager”

I was very surprised a member of management would act this way.

I told him “I’ve never heard of anyone rolling their eyes and said mother f***er” to customers. “

He said “what?” as if to deny it and I then left the store. He was very surprised I heard his comment.

I really hope this complaint is addressed; I’ve truly never had such rude service. We are on a family vacation from Disney World from Missouri and our vehicle has been having alternator problems. We simply needed a little assistance and would have purchased parts at the store. The store did not close for 25 minutes, which is why I assume Mr. Hart treated us the way he did.

I have Auto Zones near my home in Missouri but this incident will probably prevent me from returning to one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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Go to autozone.com and fill out a customer survey. Ask them for the DM, (District Manager's.) phone number.

They are more patient and willing to help. If not... you can go over his head too. Posting on this site doesn't help...

except to vent. :(


i never thret a coustomer even thow they get under my skin , and try to make me look like a duma$$, i hate it when they act like they knoow more than me, but i deal with it let it roll off my shoulders,lol of corse comstomer servise is hard when you have people that want to fix there cars but want spend money on them



doesn't make a difference if he was busy or not, you don't talk to a customer like that. and if a customer is rude to you you stand your ground and defend yourself in a proffesional manner, don't mumble obsceneties with your tail between your legs. i can't beleive you think his behavior was justified mr davis!


If you saw the employee was busy why did you keep bothering him. All you had to do was shut up and wait until he was done or wait on someone else to help you.

It's all about patience and you had none. Why would you need a code check for an alternator problem?


I work in that store and I was over on the other isle, I heard how rude you were when you asked him the second time. Obviously he didn't hear you the first time... I think you deserved to be slapped for the way you asked him the second time, you rude ***.


First off, on behalf of the company, I would like to apologise for this zoner... I have worked for the company for quite a while, and have NEVER seen or heard of anyone in management (at least in my area) treating a customer that way. Please keep in mind that although that manager did represent the company in a bad way, he is ONE individual, and you have my assurance that we are not all jerks like that!

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