Charleston, Illinois
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I worked for Auto Zone and it sucked, I was getting paid very little and worked my butt off. I started working for O'Reilly Auto Parts and within 10 days made 2x as much in those 10 days than I did at Auto Zone in two weeks, even after I took a pay cut.

I could not advance at Auto Zone, and Auto Zone would come up with different excuses why I could not, just so that they could not be charged with discrimination.

I have been promoted to Asst Mgr at O'Reilly's and I am working my way up to Manager, in less time then I worked for Auto Zone. O'Reilly's appreciates my hard work and recognizes their people for the jobs they do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Reason of review: Management, District Management and Regional Management.

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Hey great to hear that you were able to get in at o'reilly! Good luck with it!

I wish we had them up here where I live! Autozone is by far the worst auto parts company to work for ever! You would think that such a big company that makes as much as they do would be better at caring for their employees but they don't.

I guess that's how they stay big and wealthy. Anyway like I said good luck with everything and enjoy your new job!

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