Scranton, Pennsylvania
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My friend and I went into Store #1836 in Scranton, Pa around 4:30 pm on the 31st of May 2013. As we were checking out the Store MANAGER at the time she has since been fired because of this came out in front of at least 10 people in my neighborhood and started accusing me of stealing from the store earlier that day.

Mind you it was the 1st time I was in the store that day. Telling me don't deny it I have you on camera I switched out a product. I suffer from severe anxiety. I have since contacted their regional and cooperate offices.

I also called the police and returned to the store a few minutes later with them. The police told me it was a civil matter there was nothing they can do. AutoZone has assured me it will never happen again and offered me a 100 dollar gift card as full compensation for the matter!! Are you kidding me??

I did nothing wrong that day and this women who "WAS" an employee for 16 and a half years was fired. I take extra meds each day because of her and AutoZone.

I think for a multi billion dollar company they should do better than that. WTF

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Truth is; a potentially interesting story just seemed like whining. Dont forget that humans make mistakes and although her false accusations should be remedied with at the least an apology.

That should be suffice with regards to the level of impact it could have. Sounds like you're trying to get lifetime of compensation due or an exuberant amount of financial compensation for what I believe was an honest mistake. Suck it up and stop being such a "victim," because that is just as terrible as falsely accusing.

Maybe you did steal something. Seems likely since she was so convinced that you were the suspect, she even risked her job to protect her company and you are still posting her story in an attempt to slander her further.


Sounds like your suffering from being a little ***.


Last people always think cause a company is doing great and does billions , they should always help out dumb people and give them money and, they shouldn't. All that does is send messages to the rest of the nation that it is OK to go after big companies.


AutoZone sucks major c o ck and b alls!..... PERIOD!!


And since then we've all had to take a test telling us not to accuse customers of doing that and not to call the you've got em scarred!!!! Current employee.


Frist you did that all wrong you never go to autozone with out somkein a bunch of *** or it will do that to you. It happins to me too if im not all loaded in those auto part stores. stay off the meds bro and shop at o'reillys


Come to O'Reilly Auto Parts, we never accuse people of stealing wrongly.


O'Reilly is awesome!


O reily copies autozone

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