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that happen in 1/2/13 around 5:46 pm , at the store in 200 Earhart blvd .I went to autozone to buy a head light low beam, but i happen to have the previous one i bought before. I show the cashier what i want because he doesn't show that he knows anything in the store, he asking the other cashier question ,they where busy ,I tell him i know where they get it the first time i go with him show him.

I show him and he went and take a double one and he said u can exchange this for the double i said OK .He went back to check me out, and ask an other cashier what to do she start saying you need the receipt to return ,i tell them i don't come to return anything i just need 1 more , your guy said i can return it and have me take the double i said ok but i am her to buy one not return.i was on my way to look for a single light buld when this guy tell me get out here with that bull S... and tell him you are the one talking bull S...and they ask the security guy to ask me to leave the store because i am disturbing the store.i always buy in this store,i have a reward card from this store this not normal for someone in the store to curs me ask security to kick me out.please take a look at what is going on in this store,they can not keep on disrespecting people when customer can not curs them back,they have to show respect because i respect them until they curs me email is .

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If this person's social skills are as poor as his/her typing and english skills are, he or she needs to take some of the blame, thamselves. As a veteran retail auto parts salesperson, I see first-hand, every day that I work, instances where too many customers not only cannot tell me what is wrong with their car of truck, but also cannot communicate what they want to do or what parts they need to fix or maintain their vehicle.

It is astounding to see the large proportion of customers that have no clue, whatsoever, what is going on with their vehicle; it seems that not enough of our driving population takes any reresponsibility on even the most basics of car care and maintenance. The average vehicle that I try to help with is sadly in need of simple maintenance; too many of the motoring public simply ignore even the most basic vehicle maintenance, then "FREEK OUT", when their vehicle breaks down, or worse.

@old guy

Yes, you are right on! I could not agree more, about the huge number of ignorant drivers and vehicle owners that don't even know what oil viscosity their vehicle uses; come on, America: read your owner's manual, take an active interest in being responsible for your car or truck, and take some responsibility for driving a safe, well maintained vehicle.

@a sympathiser

Well, you have nailed the problem. As an owner of a small but thriving automotive repair facility and a seasoned automotive repair and maintenance expert, I can also agree with the statement that a lot of drivers do ignore their cars maintence, then act surprised or mad when told they must spend $$$$$ to repair a problem that could have been avoided with some simple, basic maintence.

Not a week goes by that I do no talk with a driver who has had a bad experience, and is surprised when they are told they have a large repair bill, due to their lack of responsibility on maintaining their own vehicle. Yes, I am not advocating that every driver be an ASE Certified Mechanic, but, at lease take a minimal interest in taking care if your vehicle.

@someone who agrees

A lot of truth; a lot of the customers that visit the dealership where I work have no idea of what it takes to take care of their car. And, they are astonished to hear that a new battery can cost $100 or more, or that a complete brake job is so much more than buy some $15.99 pads at Pep Boys.

A lot of the used oil that we see drained from customer's cars and SUV's is so dirty that we feel sorry for the vehicle.

Yes, a lot of drivers are surprised when their car strands them, will not start on a cold morning, or, costs them a small fortune to simply get back in the street.

All three of my personal vehicles, along with the eight cars and trucks in our immediate family receive regularly scheduled maintenance, including weekly tire pressure checks and attention to noises, squeeks and etc. This is not rocket science; I estimate that about half of what our dealership makes in any given year on maintenance and repair would not have been needed, with some basic attention and afore mentioned maintenance.

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