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Battery I purchased from AutoZone died after 3 years.

Took it to AutoZone and they made me wait 2 hours to test the battery. They confirmed it was dead and would not replace it for a working one, even though the receipt clearly states 5 year warranty. They only deducted 50 dollars for a new battery.

Argued with the clerk and manager, but they refused to help. Even though the receipt clearly states 5 year warranty. They only credited me a small amount towards a new battery. I had to do it, as it was for my work pickup truck.

Money spent out of pocket ~$150. Almost the price of the damn battery to begin with.

Warranty my *** Someone please start a class action lawsuit on them. Scammers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Battery.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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What a bunch of *** bags, my receipt says the same thing, and I would never purchase another item from those bastards ever again, if they did that to me...


Ive got batteries through them before and if you had paid attention to the warranty it is 3 years replacement 2 years pro-rated warranty. After 3 years you do in fact pay so much on it.Ed


I've been through the exact same thing they told me they didn't have the equipment to test my battery but have tester's for sale my battery fail with 3 months left on a full replacement warranty manager said they could not honor my warranty because they had no way to test my battery


3 year FREE replacement 2 year PRORATED ( Google it). Learn how to read


The complaint is that the OP didn’t get a free battery as they ASSUMED!! Typical is the usual consumer.

They were given the information to read but did not. Then being completely ignorant of the terms of said warranty make an assumption based off the name alone. What I fail to understand is WHY!!!!!! WHYdo these people continue to NOT READ!!!!

So many of the complaints on this site wouldn’t be here if people took a little time and educated themselves! They are INTENTIONALLY And WILLINGLY IGNORANT!

That and not one of these posters is either willing or able to take responsibility for their problems. It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault.


Their 5 yr batter was 3 yr free replacement and 2 yr pro rate. I don't see a complaint here

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