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Autozone says fullfilling their warranty is by giving you another *** part. The last 2 fuel pumps we got was in feb 2012 and then March 2012 not even a complete month we have over 500+ in labor and towing out of pocket -so be careful yes they give you a NEW part!

but according to Corporate the fullfilled their obligation- maybe in 6- 8 weeks they will let us know if they can do something and Maybe not!! At first we were told 2 weeks not its 6-8 They didn't check out the pump in 5/2011 or the one from 2/2012 and now the one from 3-2012 The biggest most aggravating is THAT TYPE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS *** THE PARTS ARE ***

Monetary Loss: $550.

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Bad mechanic. Fire him and get a real one. All auto part stores sell the same fuel pump and made from the same company


LOL sure they are!!


That's absolutely not true. AutoZone sells cheap import parts to keep prices down.Never had any luck with their cheap parts.

Why do you think their prices are so much lower than other stores. Try this. Buy a ujoint from AutoZone, $12.00. Then one from a another store like a Moog brand $30.00.

Now compare the quality just by looking at them. You get what you pay for!


3 bad pumps in one day.junk yard pump works fine.out so much time labor and new parts I didn't need.regulator.relay idle air control.maybe they should use pumps made in America.


I know this is off topic, way off topic, but with so many intelligent people here...I wanted to make this comment HERE!

My husband is an ASE Master Tech and can't figure out where I've been learning about cars.


You guys (and gals) discuss bad parts and why they could go bad...then I go to YouTube to watch videos about it. I think it is great fun! We've been married 19+ years & I try something new each year to catch him off guard. This year is our "auto" anniversary for me!

Thank you for the hours of fun and education! ^_^


The fuel pumps may be good. You could have an interemitent signal from the computor which is not holding the 12volt relay supply to pump.this can occur by wk. or months.To check pump,put pump in gas apply power


A plugged fuel filter is one of the main reasons a fuel pump will go bad. Pressure will actually build-up in the pump and blow the line off the fitting at either end.

The pump itself still worked, but the plastic fuel line within the pump blew off........cause was a plugged fuel filter. ALWAYS replace the fuel filter and verify supply and return lines are not plugged!!!!


Just would like to let you know that I had the same experience. It started when I bought a fuel pump from Autozone in January of 2013.

Yes I cleaned the tank before installation and yes I purchased the whole assembly. Anyway, it lasted for 3 months before going out. This time, I took it to a reputable repair shop, where they confirmed that it was a bad pump. I secured another from Autozone and guess what happened yesterday?

My fuel pump went out again on June 1, 2013. I have to keep paying for labor costs, so I'm not going to go with another pump from autozone. I'll return the bad pump, but I'll spend the extra money to get a better brand. BTW, I was up to my 2nd Power Steering pump from autozone when I decided to go with a motorcraft pump.

It's called being penny wise and dollar ***. Don't by these parts from Autozone.


This is ***, plain and simple. We see this all the time. When you replace a fuel pump you need to have the tank professionally cleaned and replace the fuel filter. As well, if you're not buying the assembly, you need to get a new strainer to ensure the warranty.

Very few customers do this. Most customers, like in all likelyhood this guy-just kept buying fuel pumps (that autozone lost money on for even honoring the warranty) and said he didn't need that ***...guess what-you need it. You screwed yourself. Stop blaming people for trying to half *** something. Go to the dealer and buy the part. They wouldn't have given you *** because I know for a fact it was installed incorrectly.

Autozone is a parts/retail don't go to jewelry stores and expect them to remount your diamond for free-or tell you how to do it. You don't go to khol's and expect them to tell you how to alter the suit you just bought.

90% of complaints are people looking for every angle to get something for free or get it done cheap. The services Autozone provides are a courtesy, not an obligation. No one knows every part on every vehicle that was ever made and how to install it. It's called DIY for a reason, It's called Do It Yourself. Autozone will help when they can but because you're too cheap or broke to go to a mechanic, it's not their problem.

Stop blaming others for being a cheap ***.


Nah I think you’re wrong


Ran into this situation once before. After the second new pump failed, we gave the customer a new one.

Had to dry out pump #2 because it still had fuel in it. When the fuel dried, we noticed white granules where it had spilled out. Called customer to show what we found.

He called police to report someone put sugar in his gas tank. Dmo, you best check the condition of your fuel.


"Fix the problem" is correct. Only a *** would put 3 fuel pumps in a car within a year.

Obviously there is another problem. Fixing cars is a tricky and skilled profession if you want to do it right. The chances of your fuel pump failing because of poor manufacturing are slim to none.

It's a complex system, and even one aspect of it not being serviced or replaced properly will damage other parts. A skilled mechanic would have fixed it right the first time, a *** mechanic will gladly keep charging you to stick a new fuel pump in your car every few months while you blame a retail store.


How can you seriously blame AutoZone for parts that they don't make? They are just the supplier.

If you have a complaint, go to the manufacturer.

It is either Duralast or Valucraft. AutoZone has NO way to test fuel pumps.

@Common Sense

They shouldn't be selling this *** period.


Replacing the pump is obviously not the fix for your car,, several factors cause fuel pump failure.. 1.

Not properly cleaning the tank.. 2. Plugged return lines.. 3..

Running the pump with little to no fuel.. 4.

Improper wiring grounds,, all these reasons are more than likely the cause of your fuel pump delimma,, find out what's causing the failure.. Because I guarantee it's not that the *** pump,, it's the *** mechanic


May be this is the time to go for Dealer's Parts. Good luck.

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