Waxahachie, Texas
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I recently came to your store to purchase some parts for my car. So i thought Id go to the side to work on it as Ive done in the past.But what I seen was truly shocking.One of autozone employees and later found out was store manager ' ARTHUR WILLIAMS " was having sex in the car.S o needless to say I juts drove off.

I have called several sources to report this and no one has got back with me.I tried emails and phone. No response .

What should I do? If you have any suggestions please email me @ complaintshere@yahoo.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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shut the *** up you're just pissed he was getting some and you wasn't. oh, and let me guess; you would have popped your hood, had just MINOR, MINOR trouble reaching one bolt, and would have just RAN back into AZ for us to fix it for you! go *** your sister like i know you want to and don't ever go back to az.


He was just checking the cars suspension.


maybe him having sex in his car was a good thing because you are not supposed to be working on your car in the autozone parking lot.


I have read your complaint and will certainly check into it. please contact me at scott.koch@autozone.com with anymore information you may have. Thanks Scott

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