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The staff at vsol autozone satellite ahmedabd, dindnt give the amc book on 5th dec 2016 and when we called up they didnt give proper answers and they cut down the phone line without giving proper response and making fool out of customers by taking full amount for amc and not giving the book.staff are no trained at all. They should not be given such kind of place to deal where they have no proper responsibilites. Higher authority are suppose to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 1 day ago
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I call for a part and they got me on hold for over 35 minutes it was in pine bluff ar,on Blake street

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I purchased a new battery with a two year warranty. had to take it back because it was bad. they gave me another one that was also bad. now they that the warranty has expired and I will have to purchase another one. none of the batteries I got was any good I feel like I have been had by this company. I paid over $150 dollars for the bad batteries and they think that I would be dumb enough to buy another one. I have been a customer for over... Read more

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Ok, so alittle more on my beef with AutoZone, Here is a quote from the 1st email, “We have cancelled your order either at your request or because the product requested is out-of-stock at our fulfillment center and we are unable to source the product directly from the supplier.” Fact is I never requested it be canceled and the 2nd email makes no mention of parts being out of stock and in fact states a completely different reason As is common... Read more

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Autozone would not replace a battery I purchased there.I swapped it out in February 2016 which is not reflected in their computer but when I swapped it in Alabama THEY showed all my transactions in Ohio.If you buy a battery with a 1 year warranty and it craps out in 8 months you may get another battery but the warranty will only be for the remaining 4 months.Yeah ,thats right.*** AUTOZONE.Why aren't their records kept up like other auto zone... Read more

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This is the worst customer service I have ever had My jeep stopped running in the middle of the street, so I had it towed home. My son looked at it and removed the starter and in the process broke the bolts off. I went to Auto Zone and purchased a starter, giving them my old starter. I asked the manager Grant if I could bring the starter back because we were not sure why it would not start. My budget is extremely tight and I knew that I could... Read more

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I am so angry The manager was there when I bought a 145 part I asked him if I could return the part if that was not the cause of the jeep not starting He told me yes Today I tried to return it and he swares he did not say that Ripping off women that don't any better is a low blow He did not even have the guts to give me his full name I'm am struggling to make ends me Not only did he not refund my money but kept the starter that belonged to me... Read more

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I brought a fuel pump from your store I never use it or taken it out of the box your company promise me that this part would work t never work it had been a very long time since I got it but I have tried many time when I first got it to return it all I want is my 35dollars your company gave me the wrong fuel pump for my 1975 el Camino when I purchased it from the beganing I want to speak to someone that can resolved it. Read more

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I Purchased a new duralast distributor for my new 460 engine I built. Ran for 30 seconds , and total insanity followed for an hour. Popping , flames out carb , OMG , the new capacitor was the failure , process of elimination , coil , fuel , ect... Was a horrible experience for me as the builder of a in tested new engine. Bought a new fuel pump , electric , did not work at all. They made me feel like all was my error. Would not give refund ,... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 09
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Had a guy named chris reed in west jefferson north carolina told me he ould not order my part with me paying in advance but i thought a few min. And asked some else to call and see if they could an he ordered it for them he is a dirty guy thats not ths only complant i have with this guy like to see him demoted

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