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  • From mobile
  • Oct 15
  • #937327

Very bad service the stor was full only 2 cashiers was on duty and on the Saturday my first and last If u don't mind waiting and you like rude people that's your place

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 07
  • #932596

I went to auto zone in Hubbard Ohio i am retired gm master mechanic a girl working at my auto zone told me i was wrong she gives me ahard time every time thinks she knows everything because her father works on cars i am done with this store

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I called Auto Zone in Lexington Ms.on 10/4/2016 and ask if the worker could tell me what type of car some brakes I had previously purchased from Auto Zone and he told me that he had no way of telling me what type vehicle they fit (twice) and I called another Auto Zone and got the information. I gave him the number of the box D943 Duralast. These pads I purchase with another set but did not need at the time so I kept them because I know I will... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 04
  • #931030

Purchased a battery that's still under warranty and the store in lake havasu city az told me to come in and get free exchange . After I arrived I was told to pay 100.00 . Refusing to pay twice for anything under warranty

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I bought a egr valve from auto zone about two two years because my engine light was on.So i replace it with the new one and went and had it check. and the engine light still i was told that the computer needed reset did that stayed of for a day then came back on. Talk to a mechanic and he told me if it drive and not shocking out then not to worry about it since the egr is new. So i drove until i had to go through DEQ.which i was told i... Read more

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I bought a duralast gold battery, $170 after taxes. Went with it because they offered a 5 years warrantee. The battery is 4 years old and it finally decides to give out and not hold a charge. My boss junp started my car and I drove it to autozone where they tested and confirmed the battery was no good. Then they tell me that the warrantee only replaces the battery within the first 3 years and afterwards it only offers a discount on a... Read more

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The wors costumer service ever. They sold me a defective part and when a go to exchange it they told me I didn't buy it from them. And the guy almost told me I was trying to put scam on them. Lol they will never see me or my family again there. Keep the $50 you guys just lost 5 costuners...... restrepo w

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this is the 3rd battery for my 72 corvette and it is 2 months past the date of the date I got the 1st one. they said they go by the 1st one I got. the 2nd one went bad around a year later and the 3rd went bad about a year and 1/2 after that. That is not giving the battery a warranty, that is a warranty that is just a warranty alone, not each battery having it's own warranty of 3 years. a battery that you pay over $150.00 should last at least 3... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 25
  • #925434

Have question for worker with autzone... My question is if someone had called off with no reason and they're were only 2 manager in the store but one manager did his shift and he decide to go home who will be more introuble the reg employee or the manager ?! Please and thank you it will be so much helpful if someone answer me this...

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 24
  • #924804

Just left auto zone on my pleasant street in New Bedford . Horrible service , two of the employees clearly under the influence of narcotics . Unbelievable how people employ persons of this character to actually do customer service. Good thing advanced auto is right across the street .

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