AutoZone *** employee tells all

I have worked for AutoZone for roughly 6 years. I am an Assistant Store Manager and let me tell you AutoZone is another giant *** fest that only stays a float because of the employees that want to keep their jobs for a OK income.

After 5 years I have only made a total of $1.43 cents in raizes. They tell you the maximum raize per year is $0.25. Really a whole quater? Wow... and the company is a Fortue 500 Company right? I wonder who gets all of that money.

Now I enjoy helping customers, comming to work, and making sure the store looks good. What I do not like is that I am FORCED to sell ADDON items known as WITT-JR (What It Takes to do the Job Right). These items are Brake Grease, Bulb Grease, Radiator Hose Grease, Anti-Seize, Spark Plug Boot Grease, and Gasket Sealer in small packets that sell around $1.29 EACH in this area. This is a TOTAL ABSOLUTE RIP OFF! And we are given daily goals to hit... when we do not hit these goals we can be written up. Now in my store the store manager is going to start giving out more hours to the people that sell more WITT-JR and taking away hours to the people who do not.

Tell me this... would you rather have me remind you to properly gap your spark plugs or sell you anti-seize? Because they want us to focus on the anti-seize and not on our customers interest.

Now so you can see we are already trying to sell you add-on items... not that big of deal. Until I have to try and sell you our CHECK OUT CHALLANGE. So in July I get to tell you how much better STP is and in August I get to tell you how much better Lucas is. So what am I supposed to focus on, WITT-JR?, Checkout Challange?, or the customer? Oh thats right... whatever makes the company more money right?

Now that im trying to sell you two items I now have to get you to sign up for our Customer Loyality Program. Which takes down all of your personal information and adds it to our giant database. Not that big of a deal we do not send our junk mail.... yet! So now I am trying to sell you $1.29 addon items, ~$5.00 checkout challanges, get you to sign up for a plastic card, and im supposed to be there to help the customer? Yeah right.

Now we also have to try and sell you Air Filters EVERYTIME a customer buys an oil change. So there is something else I have to try and push.

Everyday we have to call our DM (District Manger) at 11:30, 2:30, and 5:30 to tell him how many addon items we have sold in each catagory. When he listens to his voicemails and hears we do not have enough we get called on the phone and bitched out. Because were not "asking properly"... you know what *** YOU you over paid *** in a paid company vehicle. The only reason you got your job is because you just kissed *** and that is all you still do.

Now let me tell you all about our parts. Our Valuecraft line (no matter the part) is absolutly JUNK. It is not worth the box they put the part in. ANY part you have to add fluid too (master cylinder, wheel cylinder, clutch, power steering pump, steering rack and pinion) are all garbage. You will end up putting these "remanufactured" parts on your car and you have a 50-50 chance it will leak out of the box. Do not waste your money and buy your parts from someone else. However I can tell you Advanced Auto and Orileys (spelling?) is in the same boat we are here. Even though you might have to spend a little more money buy your parts from Napa or CarQuest... much better quality.

Lastly, the training you get at the company is disgraseful. They have some computer "training classes" for you to do but it is 100% up to the store to train you. They will say that is it hands on training but it is impossable to do because the company never gives you enough hours to run the stores properly. Example, 226 hours is given for an averge week in the winter( 1x 50hr , 4x 40hr , + many part-time people)... one can easily see... this gives me 16 TOTAL hours to give to ~4 people. I understand their part-time but give me a break. If you (AutoZone) wants employee retention then suck it up and take care of your employees and maybe you would have a 1 employee loss a month out of the 7 stores around me.

One additional note to all of the completly slow customers who make helping other customers a chore. Come in known what the *** car is you need something for. I do not drive your vehicle nor do I want to go figure it out for you. If you need help identifing a part, fine, but give me a break. And if you cannot even say one word in English go home and figure that *** out. I speak some Spanish... good enough to figure out the part your looking for... but I am not going to even try to help you if you cannot meet me in the middle. Same goes our to all you other non-English speaking people. I can only ask you the same qustion 2 or 3 times before I get pissed. I wouldn't go to Germany or Bosnia and expect them to understand English... I would try to learn some of the language before I went there. But maybe thats why your here. You were too *** to make it over there so you figured here would be different. Your still a dumb *** here and now you at least look like it.

I am just a tired of all the BS. I want to be treated like an asset and not walked on because I am ASE Certified and good worker. I know what the customers want and that is why I have so many customers come to AutoZone specifically for my help! You want me to push this *** down their throat when to me that screams "I don't care what you want just spend some money!). That is not customer service and the only people it makes happy is the customers that don't have a clue their being *** on. The intelligent ones only shop at AutoZone when they have to and they will usually tell you when your there.

And AutoZone is the oposite of a "Green" company... we throw away TONS of paper every day just because their 4000+ stores are about 8 years behind.

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Jul 24 #1011359

If you are AS certified, then why are you working at autozone anyways. I wouldn't have given you a "raize" period. Only thing your certified in is being a ***.

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May 31 #990133

Man.. u need to man up..and find another job..if you don't like your job have the balls to look for another job and stop crying.

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May 15 #984654

I don't believe you deserve a "raize" if you can't spell it. As a past employee of az for 14 years I can say as with every job it has ups and downs, however started as part time did my job and made store manager, and did get "raizes" and was more than 25 cents. Maybe its call a performance raise for a reason and under performers get raise to match their performance. I'm not sure of your area but my area was like a family from store to regional office, we even had rm cell number in case we were not feeling loved.

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May 17 #985355

you sold parts at autozone for 14 years what a loser and you have the balls to criticize the guy that posted here. I sold parts for two years when I was 17 and 18 years old then I became a master Porsche technician and from there went on to race in IMSA for 10 years now I'm a mechanical engineer with Porsche. Get a life dude 14 years at autozone. I would be embarrassed to put that in public print.

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Jul 14 #1007688

your a touch hole there is nothing to be embarrassed about by making an honest living. sounds to me like you have a small *** and need to compensate by bragging about your job. good for you you make more money but if your really feeling the need to put someone else down over it then maybe you can take that money and buy your self some people skills you ***!

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Jun 09 #993081 Las Cruces, New Mexico

I'm going to have to call b.s. On your "family" comment. Sounds like a troll is in our midst. Guess what "store manager"- I was an employee of az from 1993 till 2011 and I can tell everyone here that it certainly isn't the company it was. No respect for their employees and certainly no respect for their customers. I started as part time and went to full time after I had gotten too old to continue work as an automobile technician for a local ford dealer. AZ was a great place to work, we were all treated like assets and given raises accordingly. Then things changed. I started seeing things in the store that were sold a t pep boys and Walmart. Who the heck needs a set of brake pads and a pocket scooter? Anyway, that was really the beginning of the end. The add on sales and discount card and checkout challenge- just more ways to screw a customer that you had been dealing with for years. It makes for an environment of mistrust. I ended up leaving and haven't felt bad one bit. I even got called by the regional manager to see if I wanted my job back. "Nope." Was all that needed to be said. I work for another automotive retailer now, and haven't been this happy about an employer in many years. If Anyone wants advice from an old timer, stay the *** away from AZ if you want a career. P.s. The parts are fine, everyone sells the same remanufactured parts nowadays.

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Jul 19 #1009390

I think one of the main issues here is because the day you go to orientation to hear the story of Autozone and learn a bit about the company, part of the class has to do with the company being anti-union! I mean really! why would you bother having a segment of your first day, related to how bad unions can be? I mean there must be some reason they'd be scared to have they're employees unionize!!! Granted my story with Autozone isn't horrible, I do agree with the witt items as being nonsense! I mean if you look at the price of our Chinese made parts here vs. Buying the same Chinese made part on ebay... the company is charging 3-4 times more than similar parts on ebay! The thing is, the company knows that most of its customers live paycheck to paycheck, and the likelihood that they'll have to honor they're lifetime warranty is not likely, since our customer base replaces their cars often! Due to not being able to fix major breakdowns. Ultimately they should change part of the Autozone cheer to "Who's number 1? Upper management and the shareholders! "

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May 15 #984602

AngryAZemployee, Your argument is lame, and totally goes down hill when you started to rant about the ESL (English Second Language) customers. There are other forums for racism. Your post makes it apparent that the problem is you. You are ASE certified and selling parts at AZ? Why can't you get work commensurate with your training?

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May 11 #982585

I went from a Hub driver to Hub Specialist to Inventory Control Manager in less than a year. If you want a promotion, just work for it. No brown nosing necessary.

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May 08 #981625

15 years and well said. They continue to cut hours and push add on items

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May 04 #979775

Im a parts sales manager.I got written Up because a customer complain because video couldn't understand them (my Spanish is limited) and that *** them off because I'm hispanic. I was polite a d got a spanish speaking red shirt to assist the customer. I started closing the store before anyone really explained the process to me, training is a joke. My store also has kiss *** red shirts that get away with so much bulls@/$%. At almost any other store they would have been fired already

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Apr 18 #973407

If you dislike working for AZ why don't you quit? The only ignorant person in that equation is YOU. Every company you will work for ..they will have their procedures and riles go follow... if you try to be a little positive and complain less... maybe you staff will be more in a happy page. The store manager is chooses how they want to manage the store. ...but always within the company guideline. A great manager don't complain... a great manager find advanced solutions. Good luck!

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Mar 20 #961326

I'm a reach lift operator at a DC. I'm paid well, have excellent benefits, and enjoy my job. My only gripe is all the mandatory overtime I've been required to put in over the last couple of months. OH NO!!! I'm going to have an extra $500 on my check this time around. Whatever shall I do?

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Jul 27 #1012412

Correct, u Don't work hands on with customers and ur no being forced to sell useless items. So there for u don't count.

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Mar 10 #956440

And to those who say that you've been there for so long and got all the raises and promotions....who have you been telling on? Who have yall been getting fired? So far from what I've seen, with this company, you only get promoted if you get people fired, treat customers like *** or just a horrible person all around.

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Mar 10 #956439

Same boat with you. I no longer for them. Not only was I lied to. But I wad write up and then fired once I reported them to the EEOC.
So the sales thing. Yeah. I took a tally each day. One day I asked all 50 of my customers that I rang up. Know how many wanted the check out challenge or the little grease packets? 2. That's 2 out of 50. But yet I was always told that I wasn't asking anyone. And written up when I didn't meet the sales goals. This is another company that cares not about their customers or employees. Just about how much money they can make.
It's the employees in the store that care. I don't see corporate people coming down to stores and helping customers. I don't see them coming down and putting trucks up with a *** load of customers blowing up the phone and walking thru the door. Majority if them up top got the job up top and didn't have to work their way up because they knew someone or a relative of someone.
This is just another company with a CEO that cares nothing for their employees and only for the money going to their pockets.

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that burnt out manager

Jan 25 #936239 Auburndale, Florida

Yep, I work as a store manager for Az and always get threatened if my store isn't selling those *** packets of grease or air filters.. People want what they want.. That's it!! We need to focus on parts not grease.. O yea that's where the profits are.. All about the Witt forget parts.. Not to mention to get caught up on tasks since they don't give you enough hours they want you to work on your day off.. Umm no thanks.. At that rate I'm at 10 bucks an hour and my psms make more than 10 hahah.. Yea deff true what he said!

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Mar 10 #956304 Marion, Ohio

So there with you. I'm a well was a red shirt. Oh I mean* *** on shirt. I have never in 31 years of working walked off A job. I've been there 1 week. Yea 1 week. No training st all. Watched video for 3 hours talked the rest of the 8 . Had me drive there truck. Then found out I was to take a test first. Then got written up. Now I dnt no till then the manager is to show my how to get on the system and take it. How is that my fault. Then I have been driving for 4days and now tonight the put me on diy with just one person. Now mind u I have not been Givin training on where parts are or how the alph num. Work in there. Nor any terminal/ register Training. Then get yelled at cause people are waiting. The only thing I could do is help diagnose problems since I'm a mechanic. I'm done * *** you Marion Ohio store.

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Jan 25 #936237

I can feel the love, respect and comradery in all of you!

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Jan 25 #936228

I work at Autozone and have learned that what he says is true. When I was hired I was told that raises semi annually and have yet to see one. But they hire in a "part timer" that gets more hours than me and with pay a dollar more an hour and he has no experience with cars, I am a "full time" PSM(parts sales manager) and I am ASE certified master tech.

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