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I have worked for AutoZone for roughly 6 years. I am an Assistant Store Manager and let me tell you AutoZone is another giant *** fest that only stays a float because of the employees that want to keep their jobs for a OK income.

After 5 years I have only made a total of $1.43 cents in raizes. They tell you the maximum raize per year is $0.25. Really a whole quater? Wow... and the company is a Fortue 500 Company right? I wonder who gets all of that money.

Now I enjoy helping customers, comming to work, and making sure the store looks good. What I do not like is that I am FORCED to sell ADDON items known as WITT-JR (What It Takes to do the Job Right). These items are Brake Grease, Bulb Grease, Radiator Hose Grease, Anti-Seize, Spark Plug Boot Grease, and Gasket Sealer in small packets that sell around $1.29 EACH in this area. This is a TOTAL ABSOLUTE RIP OFF! And we are given daily goals to hit... when we do not hit these goals we can be written up. Now in my store the store manager is going to start giving out more hours to the people that sell more WITT-JR and taking away hours to the people who do not.

Tell me this... would you rather have me remind you to properly gap your spark plugs or sell you anti-seize? Because they want us to focus on the anti-seize and not on our customers interest.

Now so you can see we are already trying to sell you add-on items... not that big of deal. Until I have to try and sell you our CHECK OUT CHALLANGE. So in July I get to tell you how much better STP is and in August I get to tell you how much better Lucas is. So what am I supposed to focus on, WITT-JR?, Checkout Challange?, or the customer? Oh thats right... whatever makes the company more money right?

Now that im trying to sell you two items I now have to get you to sign up for our Customer Loyality Program. Which takes down all of your personal information and adds it to our giant database. Not that big of a deal we do not send our junk mail.... yet! So now I am trying to sell you $1.29 addon items, ~$5.00 checkout challanges, get you to sign up for a plastic card, and im supposed to be there to help the customer? Yeah right.

Now we also have to try and sell you Air Filters EVERYTIME a customer buys an oil change. So there is something else I have to try and push.

Everyday we have to call our DM (District Manger) at 11:30, 2:30, and 5:30 to tell him how many addon items we have sold in each catagory. When he listens to his voicemails and hears we do not have enough we get called on the phone and bitched out. Because were not "asking properly"... you know what *** YOU you over paid *** in a paid company vehicle. The only reason you got your job is because you just kissed *** and that is all you still do.

Now let me tell you all about our parts. Our Valuecraft line (no matter the part) is absolutly JUNK. It is not worth the box they put the part in. ANY part you have to add fluid too (master cylinder, wheel cylinder, clutch, power steering pump, steering rack and pinion) are all garbage. You will end up putting these "remanufactured" parts on your car and you have a 50-50 chance it will leak out of the box. Do not waste your money and buy your parts from someone else. However I can tell you Advanced Auto and Orileys (spelling?) is in the same boat we are here. Even though you might have to spend a little more money buy your parts from Napa or CarQuest... much better quality.

Lastly, the training you get at the company is disgraseful. They have some computer "training classes" for you to do but it is 100% up to the store to train you. They will say that is it hands on training but it is impossable to do because the company never gives you enough hours to run the stores properly. Example, 226 hours is given for an averge week in the winter( 1x 50hr , 4x 40hr , + many part-time people)... one can easily see... this gives me 16 TOTAL hours to give to ~4 people. I understand their part-time but give me a break. If you (AutoZone) wants employee retention then suck it up and take care of your employees and maybe you would have a 1 employee loss a month out of the 7 stores around me.

One additional note to all of the completly slow customers who make helping other customers a chore. Come in known what the *** car is you need something for. I do not drive your vehicle nor do I want to go figure it out for you. If you need help identifing a part, fine, but give me a break. And if you cannot even say one word in English go home and figure that *** out. I speak some Spanish... good enough to figure out the part your looking for... but I am not going to even try to help you if you cannot meet me in the middle. Same goes our to all you other non-English speaking people. I can only ask you the same qustion 2 or 3 times before I get pissed. I wouldn't go to Germany or Bosnia and expect them to understand English... I would try to learn some of the language before I went there. But maybe thats why your here. You were too *** to make it over there so you figured here would be different. Your still a dumb *** here and now you at least look like it.

I am just a tired of all the BS. I want to be treated like an asset and not walked on because I am ASE Certified and good worker. I know what the customers want and that is why I have so many customers come to AutoZone specifically for my help! You want me to push this *** down their throat when to me that screams "I don't care what you want just spend some money!). That is not customer service and the only people it makes happy is the customers that don't have a clue their being *** on. The intelligent ones only shop at AutoZone when they have to and they will usually tell you when your there.

And AutoZone is the oposite of a "Green" company... we throw away TONS of paper every day just because their 4000+ stores are about 8 years behind.

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1 day ago Forney, Texas

I work at the DC if you put the card board, paper, and plastic in the basket and send it back to the DC they recycle it. and if you don't like the company then maybe you should find a new job.

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happy autozoner

Dec 06 Millsboro, Delaware

This is a total crock of ***. I've worked for autozone for 5 years and I have been promoted 3 times since I started there each time and every year I get over .60 cent raises and when I step up I get 3 to 4 dollar raises. And if you knew any thing about cars or car parts you would be happy to see them the right stuff to fix there car along with explaining that we don't actually make the parts we sell. When they get a bad one so if you didn't like your job or believe in what you do you should of quit instead of *** like a little girl about it. Grow up

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Nov 28 Lexington, South Carolina

I like my AutoZone guy. His name is Mark and works at the Lex store on #6 and Platt Springs. So does his asst named Joe? I think? Oh well, Those 2 guys are fine. I can tell the mgr is overworked somewhat though. But he's there. He is always nice about it when I feel like I messed up. He says he works too many days but he doesn't complain about it. And he could because we talk while I'm there and no one else can hear him. So, autozone does try to push those 1.29 products on me but they don't care when I say nah, I already have some of that. They seem like they're happy enough but that they need a little more than the co is giving them. And that part time ***, I dont want a part timer helping me in there!!! Just get rid of those jokes of a parts specialist! Hire full timers only! *** Autozone. And take care of this guy who's obviously working hard and feels like he's only getting crapped on. Give another quarter or something.

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Nov 26

I've worked my *** off at autozone for only two year and have had over $3.00 in raises. Sounds like your a *** employee to me who kissed *** to just make it to asm

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Nov 20 San Jose, California

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Nov 14

Maybe if you could read and spell you might get a "raize" it's raise you ***....

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Sandra Haskins

Nov 12 Richmond, Virginia

Thanks for this I have the same problem at my store it was like reading my own story I totally understand

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Nov 09 Lakeside, California

Dude your over dramatic. I'm a red shirt it is NOT bad at all. I have grey shirt responsibilities most of the time. Its really NOT that hard, chill out or go work for McDonalds or something if you cant handle being under cold AC searching up stuff on the computer, and putting parts away all day..dumb bitttch.

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Silence dogood

Oct 02

Learn how to spell. Maybe they would treat you better if you weren't so illiterate.

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Consumer Joe

Sep 25

I think it's amazing that the "grey shirt" employee making this comment still has no idea how to handle a customer. Yes, AutoZone does, in fact, expect each and every employee to "WOW" the customer. This is part of a successful marketing technique to completely take care of each and every customer. Each and every store manager has the responsibility to successfully train each new employee that comes on board with the company, or at least, assign the new employee to work with a qualified person to actually train you to become exactly the "sales person" this company strives to have in each and every store. But here is where the problem arises... Many (not all) Store Managers have very little experience training their employees. Some (sadly) do not even have the authority to hire qualified people to work for them. This authority is given to the District Manager, who in all honesty, are EXCELLENT salespeople. Why? Because even though there may be an issue (employee or customer), the DM is required to "smooth" the problem out using the selling techniques the company insist upon. There is no moral code or right and wrong... the DM is trained to make sure the products are sold and the customer is satisfied with the sale. This is the whole meaning behind WITTDTJR... basically, doing the job right and making sure the "Customer" (not the employee) is taken care of, regardless of the situation. If you want to work for a company that "cares" for it's employees, this is not the company... Show more

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Aug 26

Then quit. Nobody is forcing you to work. If you dont want to do the job you are paid to do, quit, go flip burgers and stop ***. Your attitude is the reason you are living paycheck to paycheck, and will keep you from growing yourself anywhere. Maybe you make fun of the people who are "kissing ***," but who is it you work for? And who is it that makes more money than you? Keep in mind, your "raize" comes from an appraisal, so you get what you are worth. Take some advice from me, a 23 year old who is probably making more money right now than you ever will, change your attitude and be more professional. Oh, and work on your grammar, that helps people take you a little more serious.

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Aug 15

I would only say that, if you're going to speak foul of another person's intelligence, that you take a very close look at your spelling and grammar before putting something out there in writing. I counted about 100 mistakes in that rant. I like that you seem concerned about the customer and that you don't like the idea that AutoZone "rips off" their customers, to paraphrase you. However, to speak to your intense irritation with those "non-English" speaking customers, depending on their situation, not every immigrant that comes here has had the opportunity to learn English first - as if it were that easy to begin with. I'd say the multiple numbers of errors in your comment is a fine example of how difficult it is. Now, if you truly do care about your customers, have some patience and don't assume you know anything about them. Chances are that you don't - not really. Another point, which United States citizens would do well to note - specifically, those of European Caucasian descent - is that their ancestors came to the Americas not knowing the languages of the millions of natives that lived here before they did. That is, the millions of them that WERE here, before European disease, deceit, and violence killed them off.

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Jul 27

I quit this company after 3 months. Had to be a "gopher, mechanic, installer, janitor, customer service, seller". The Gen Mgr always was always harassing me when I didn't deserve to be treated like garbage. I never missed a day' work, always came in when someone called off, & that never pleased him. Good riddance to a company who can't see a "gem" if they tried. Also, shrinkbusters is a joke who never helped me resolve any problems. Another money hungry tightwad company. I wonder NOW if the CEO will read my post. Probably not, on his yacht somewhere.

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Jul 24

The best thing to be said about AZ is that it's a place to stop on your way to some place better. Don't confuse that with a compliment of any sort. And it's air-conditioned.
They should have kept the raise. What a slap in the face.
And what's up with all the POG changes?! The '01 Taurus ball joint sells better one slot left? FU, marketing retards. Turtle Wax sells better if the POG is flipped 180? That's nuttin' but busy work we don't have time for. Even customers are upset because you moved the stuff that they knew the location of. Marketing retards.
By the way. most of the other complaints are valid. Take the job if you need a check and keep looking, unless you can do the corporate creep *** and are comfortable with butt-snorkeling.
For props: I have seen a RM letter saying we are not to say "no" to a customer. Satisfy them. "Do not think you must protect AZ from the customer". Cool. At my store, we make people happy, but observe the 15-minute rule at the curb.
Sorry to end on a ***, but I have also seen a DM text suggesting threatening employees jobs if they don't get their witt, or air filter or COC up. Where I work, customers often are pulling car parts money out of an envelope marked "RENT". MFs.

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Jul 21 Pawtucket, Rhode Island

I work at an AutoZone as well. Your DM must be a tightass. The air filter with oil change comes with a discount, which is why we offer it at the same time. And the checkout challenge? That's just a single item of many that happen to be on sale, we just have to ask them if they're interested in buying it. As for the grease packets and such? I have never once heard a customer complain about having to pay $1.29 for a pack of it. Every auto parts store every where sells the little packets at the registers like that. You're also complaining about the customers, when it's basically our job to put them on the right track, regardless of how much info they know about their vehicle. Yes, it can be frustrating when people don't know what transmission they have or if their engine is DOHC or SOHC, but it's part of the job to help them figure that out and get them the correct item.
Sounds like you just had a bad day. Suck it up, ya pansy.

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Jul 04

Go find a different job. Company needs to grow sales and profits. If you are not on board with that move on. I'm sure the grass is greener on the other side.

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Unhappy autozoner

Jul 14 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

You must not be an autozoner. "The company needs to grow profits"? Yes by constantly threating employees with termination because u didn't force the guy who just spent $300 on parts to buy the $1.39 grease packet.

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Jun 28

I have worked for autozone for the past 15 years as a commercial sales manager and make 24.00 an hour plus bonus most of my raises have been 1.00 to 2.00 not .25. When most of my friends have been out of work the past few years I have had a stable job with good pay. My customers are very happy with our parts and we are consistently up double digits. When I started our stock was 90 cents a share now it's over 500.00 they must be doing something right.

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Store near you

Aug 02

You make 24 an hour.... You are totally full of s&$t , tsm doesn't even make that much and I know for a fact the DM ( if you break it down) doesn't even make that much... You need to step back and smell what your shoveling!

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