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  • Autozone
  • 2 days ago
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BUYER BEWARE: Duralast battery manufacture date 4/2013 (should be free replacement) but "lost" phone # proof of purchase. Autozone would rather lose a long-time (30+years) consistent customer than honor a warranty. I will do all I can to discourage friends, relatives, acquaintances, EVERYONE I can get this message to: AUTOZONE CUSTOMER SERVICE RATES A 100% NEGATIVE with me. Add comment

Hi I want to caomplain about Autozone Musina. We bought universal bearings from them. We gave them all the details of our bakkie. The manager then gave us the wrong bearings. My husband and daughter were driving the bakkie when the bakkie broke down because of the wrong size bearings. We went back to complain about it when the manager just told us it was our responsibility to check again that we... Read more

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i got a wheeel berring hub assembly from auto zone, afer int=stalation drove it a bit seemd great, on way to work next day about 25 miles into drive after crossing railroad tracks aways back my front tire just flew off my truck , only part i was able to find was a stud that had matte metal and pinholes in the stud, returned to store 4 of the people working in the store saw it and... Read more

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  • Autozone
  • Jan 31
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I went to AutoZone in American fork to get sparkplugs andwires 7.4L Chevy engine he said autocraft platinum which are for Lincoln or mercury so he sold me wrong part then stole them from my truck and put cheap used standard autocraft in my truck now it runs like ***!!!!!!!! Add comment

Yesterday I spent $132 on a new battery from the Longmont CO store. Today I experienced the same warning lights on my dash so I stopped in to have my check engine light codes downloaded. After pairiwntly waiting in line for a little over 5 min with NO ONE behind me 2 people entered just before I stepped forward to the counter. Jorge the assistant manager informed me that I would have to wait and... Read more

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I worked for Auto Zone and it sucked, I was getting paid very little and worked my butt off. I started working for O'Reilly Auto Parts and within 10 days made 2x as much in those 10 days than I did at Auto Zone in two weeks, even after I took a pay cut. I could not advance at Auto Zone, and Auto Zone would come up with different excuses why I could not, just so that they could not be charged with... Read more

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I started my car with no jump and drove to Autozone to get an electrical test. I thought my battery needed replaced but wanted the test to see if there were any other issues. First guy came out and started the test and said my battery was at 0% charge and it needed replaced. Seems odd for 0% as I just started it with no assistance and drove there. He also told me I needed an alternator. That is... Read more

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I was in a AutoZone in Shreveport Louisiana tonite, only a couple customers there. The worker's had rap music which I already hate but the words (my ***) were in almost every sentence. I was heavily offended by this and will never use AutoZone again even if theres no1 else. music? Fine, but that *** shouldn't be blasting through the store at any time. They lost a customer for life tonight. Its an... Read more

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  • Autozone
  • Jan 13
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Auto zone and East St Louis Illinois. The staff if you ask for a part it's like you have to go step by step through what you need. Give you return part move faster to get you out..Very unpleasant place to go.. No training for public . Add comment

Hello i visited your store located on hardesty and turman and i was looking for a upper raditor hose for lexus gs400, when i walked through the door and they was a guy on his phone watching a video , i told him what i was looking for and the guy didnt answer me , he was watching whatever was on his phone then once he told me he didnt have the part he , i asked him could he help me find a store... Read more

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