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I recommended my 87 year old mother go there to get a battery. She goes, buys and is then told they will not install it for her. She got a refund drove one mile to Advance Auto parts. Bingo they installed in under 5 minutes I call to order $288 in parts including a battery for my F350 diesel and asked if they would put lift out the old battery and set in the new one. I have back issues and can't lift but more than willing to do all else. On the... Read more

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As a frequent customer at store #3350. Ontario california I feel compelled to address the bad customer service with recent management change. I would have like to call the district Manager but from various conversions in the past I was told that DM was not cared for. I have seen the store functionality with him on site and I understood why. His management style to lower level employees as "Hammer and Nail management style". This new manager... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 16
  • #901635

Your seminole, oklahoma store 542 has gone to ***. They have people that don't know anything about cars. And the store manager is a very rude. With people like that I'll take my business elsewhere

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I bought life time warranty brake pads. They wore and needed replaced. Your sales person said you need to present the old pads first. I said sir I only have this vehicle. May I purchase the same pads that are on my car. Then I will return with the old ones and you can exchange my old pads for my money back on the ones I buy now. He said no. This good be a good fair honest way to honor your warranty while protecting yourself in this situation.... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 12
  • #899544

Same thing with autozone in mooresville...employee stated it was a liability for them to install my headlight. I was in work clothes or would have done it myself but traveling for work at night. Thanks autozone for pitiful excuses

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 06
  • #895723

How do you work somewhere and you don't have any knowledge of some of the products at least that you sell. I can understand not having knowledge on everything in the store but every time you ask about an item they are clueless you should know something about Meguiars wax I'm just not a fan of AutoZone

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I had a short in my Porsche and testing showed it was outside of the fuse box. I took the alternator to Autozone and it failed all three of their tests. I was sold a new one and it turns out the old one was fine. By the time I found the problem (starter) the battery was still draining. I took it to Autozone (Optima Red) and told them the former owner bought it there and it was still under warranty. They charged for 2 hours and told me it was... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 02
  • #893189

You have a bunch of people at your seminole oklahoma store 542.That don't know a dam thing about cars.And the person in charge is rude as ***,i will do my business elsewhere

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I liked my job at autozone as a driver. I was terminate because the BMV kept giving me the run around converting my license from one state to another. Autozone told me if things with the BMV are not done by August 3, 2016 I would no longer have a job although I have been working inside the. Then I was told if I couldn't change a battery I could no longer work there. I was never trained on changing a battery. Futhermore all I've trained on is the... Read more

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Went in with a bad battery ,my little sisters car , an optima battery with a two year date code , no receipt no warranty period , went to advance auto , it was not their battery but they said no receipt we can go off the date code and give you a pro rated ,new battery like forty bucks that's the way business should be done no BS warranty I will never go to Autozone again they suck !!! Go to any other auto parts store ,Walmart or get a mechanic... Read more

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